A solo act taking you on a journey through the Appalachian mountains in a ¨story telling¨ environment, depending solely on vocal style and acoustic instruments with tales about longing for home, death, and poverty.


True American honky tonk music from the deep south with a mixture of country, western swing, and blues. Played with a full band creating music guaranteed to put a beer in your hand and get you stomping your feet!


A sound we call Black Folk, where americana gothic, punk, folk, and black metal are twined together creating a very earthy yet electrical decadent sound with a sincere fury straight from the depths of the Florida swamps but with the essence and respect of the cold and rainy mountains of the north of Spain.


Matt Horan (Davie, Florida), has been writing and recording music since the age of 13. He started his music career as a touring musician in 2001 with various punk rock bands touring around Florida and the east coast. Due to Horan’s troubling upbringing, in 2004 he decided to sell all his belongings except for his guitar, and vagabond around the world as a Country & Folk Music Ambassador, with the means to spread the good word of Hank Williams and other great artists that influence him. He started his mission in Mexico where he released a self-titled solo folk album with an independent label in the underground American roots scene and toured around the country. After, he headed down to Argentina were he played with various bluegrass bands in the area of Buenos Aires. He later moved to Spain and founded Dead Bronco in 2011 in the Basque Country, where he toured Europe and the US and was recognized by the BBC as being the most promising band of 2013 (BBC Music Video Awards) and has proudly flown the American roots flag since then. During this time he had different jobs as a fashion model and actor. Horan made his debut as lead actor in Miguel Angel Jimenez’s drama/thriller “The Night Watchman” (La Mina, 2016) and composed the original movie soundtrack.

Still riding hard with Dead Bronco and having left a heavy mark in the European music scene, Horan decided to start his solo career releasing “Tears From the Mountain” (Roots Union Records, Nashville), his debut solo album recorded during the COVID-19 quarantine, in an improvised studio which he set up in his van during the lockdown while touring Europe. Known for his signature vocal style, Horan creates a ¨story telling¨ environment, relaying on the bare minimum with just his voice, a banjo, and his guitar; transmitting passion and sincerity based on his own life experiences, tales about longing for home, death, and poverty.

Not just a solo project but he also created Matt Horan & his Country Band, bringing back that pure traditional honky tonk sound with an attitude that is guaranteed to put a beer in your hand and get you stompin’ your feet! In 2020 Horan was awarded best country/folk artist and named the father of country music in Spain for the release of his two new singles, “Prodigal Son” and “Where the Old Red River Flows”, which were performed live and appear with an interview on the Sky Sessions documentary.

Being a prodigal son himself, Horan is now ready to come home and is back in south Florida trying to leave his mark in his beautiful native land touring extensively with a new album due to be released in 2022.

Music is my life and the road shall be my end”. M.H.

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