A solo act taking you on a journey through the Appalachian mountains in a ¨story telling¨ environment, depending solely on vocal style and acoustic instruments with tales from the deep south.


True American honky tonk music from the deep south with a mixture of country, western swing, and blues. Played with a full band creating music guaranteed to put a beer in your hand and get you stomping your feet!


A sound we call Black Folk, where americana gothic, punk, folk, and black metal are twined together creating a very earthy yet electrical decadent sound with a sincere fury straight from the depths of the Florida swamps but with the essence and respect of the cold and rainy mountains of the north of Spain.


Matt Horan (Davie, Florida), is the epidemy of the drifter musician. He literally has been touring the world since 2005, as a true ambassador of American culture and traditional music. Horan isn’t just a simple song writer but he is also an actor, making his debut as the protagonist in “The Night Watchman” (2016), who also composed the original movie soundtrack. He’s been touring the US and Europe annually since 2012 and continues to do so with his various projects.

Better known as the front man of Dead Bronco, where he was recognized by the BBC as most promising artist of 2013 (BBC Music Video Awards); a band which started off as cowpunk but later warped into heavy dark folk. After making the transition, he started to miss his country roots and decided to start his solo career with ¨Matt Horan – American Folk Singer¨ (a solo act of traditional folk/country mountain music) and now bringing back that old beer drinkin’ honky tonk country sound ya’ll know and love with ¨Matt Horan & the C.A.F. Band¨. Known for his signature vocal style with enchanting yodels from the high hills with a mixture of honky tonk country, blues, and western swing with a don’t tread on me attitude. If you liked Dead Bronco’s earlier country sound, then you’re going to love this.

Musician, actor, & writer, Horan strives to be a true story teller by living what he writes and continues to create and release not just music but literary works and visual projects that are truly passionate and sincere. This is “Balls to the Wall Country Music”.

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